Sunday, July 01, 2012

Who is Malcolm Clay, you ask?

"Malcolm Clay is the story of everyman."

"Malcolm Clay is the story of everyman. He is every man who ventures into life and love. The every man who experiences the vicissitudes of the ecstasy yet fear and pain that life and love may bring. Author, Mel Mathews, brings to light the engaging energies of his novels' protagonist, Malcolm Clay, both in his external happenings and also in the soul making substance of his inner on-going life. He allows us to hear the inner dialogue, to touch the feelings, to view life as if an X-ray vision of a man's soul. In an appealing manner, a crisp and crusty narrative, we, as reader, also envision life and soul."
– Nancy Qualls-Corbett, Jungian Analyst & Author of The Sacred Prostitute

"SamSara provides valuable insights"

"Not only a page-turner, SamSara provides valuable insights into a very small part of mankind, those who do not fear Freedom but instead demand it as their individual right."
– The Florentine 

"Breakdowns and Breakups"

"I finished LeRoi last night and I enjoyed it--enjoyed the honesty and the hard reality and the layers of symbol and spirit. In framework it was kind of like the film Doc Hollywood meets the book ‘The Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ by Dan Milman, with three of the main characters--Flo, Jimmy and Okie--all confluencing into Milman's Socrates."
- Joseph Madia Jr., Author & Playwright New Mystics Theatre Co.

Who is Malcolm Clay, you ask?

Well, he's a lost in life sort of fool who’s just trying to find his way. He’s turned his back on the conventional life and set out in search of... well, he can’t say for certain what he’s seeking, but my guess is, it’s himself - all the lost pieces of his soul that were scattered along the wayside while trying to somehow find his place in this crazy world.

Come along on the journey of a modern day Perceval who stumbles into adventures and misadventures while searching for the Holy Grail. You never know, you just might reclaim a lost piece of your own soul!

You don't have to read LeRoi, Menopause Man-Unplugged, or SamSara in any particular order, they all stand alone. However, these books are about the transformation that takes place within the protagonist, Malcolm Clay. Plan to read more about Malcolm in the future. Four additional novels by Mel Mathews will be published over the next few years.To learn more about Mel Mathews and Malcolm Clay, be sure to visit

The Malcolm Clay trilogy is available from your local boostore, a host of on-line booksellers, or directly from Fisher King Press -

LeRoi ISBN 9781926715339
Menopause Man-Unplugged ISBN 9781926715360
SamSara ISBN 9780977607624

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