Saturday, September 12, 2015

On Educating Hearts and Souls

Fundamentalism in any form, religious or otherwise, divides humanity - divides individuals at the very core of their being. When we are at odds within, we in turn become at odds with others. Reconciliation must first take place within our very own beings, becoming reconciled with aspects of our selves that have been marginalized and cast away as a useless 'other' - only then can we become reconciled with all of our brothers and sisters in this world. Education must be more than heady intellectualism - in addition to our minds, we must become educated within our hearts, within our souls.

Lifting the Veil is a book that can help educate our minds, as well as our hearts and souls.

Mel Mathews, is the author of several novels, including the Malcolm Clay Trilogy (Fisher King Press). His books are available from your local bookstore, a host of on-line booksellers.  © 2015 Mel Mathews